You may have noticed, we've added a new indicator to the dashboard, the published/unpublished site status. Per site you can see whether it is:

  • Published - meaning anyone can view your site.

  • Unpublished - anyone visiting your site will be prompted to login as a site admin to access the site. 

In order to control your publishing settings, you will need to be on an active paid subscription. 

  • Site(s) created under a paid plan will automatically be set to be Published.

  • Site(s) created during trial will automatically be set to Unpublished. On upgrade to a paid subscription, they will be set to Published. 

Paid users can adjust their publishing settings anytime:

  1. Login to edit your site

  2. Navigate to 'People' section from the toolbar

  3. Select 'Page Permissions' from the submenu

  4. Observe the 'My site is visible' i.e. published and 'Restrict to my whole site (site admins only)' i.e. unpublished, setting

  5. Select the status you require

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