Google Translate is a free multilingual machine translation service developed by Google, to translate text, amongst other things, from one language to another. Using the editor, you can create websites to be accessed by visitors all over the world.

Translating a page

  1. Upon visiting a website with text language different from the visitors own default browser language, the visitor will receive a prompt from the top of the browser window asking them whether they'd like to translate the current page.

  2. Using the Google Translate prompt, select 'Translate' to change the text     language of the current page to your browser's default text language.

Pro tip: Using the Google Translate prompt, select 'Always translate [language]' if you'd like your browser to translate pages with this language by default.

Please note that the accuracy of translation may vary depending on context.


I'm not being prompted to translate a page that has text language different from my browser's default text language.

There are a couple possible reasons for this:

  • You are using a browser not supported by Google Translate. Please try using the Google Chrome browser.

  • There are multiple languages on a single page. Google Translate will only attempt to translate a page with a single language, i.e. if your page is written in German, Google Translate will attempt to translate it, however, if your page is written in German and French, Google Translate will not attempt to translate it.

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