If you have a question, want to share a feedback or if the articles do not answer your questions, start a new conversation using the chat box located at the bottom right hand corner of this page and the Help Centre.

The chat box is the little green circle icon with a white square and a smile :)

  • Click on green icon

  • New conversation (if you already have an existing conversation, reply to that with any update including adding attachments)

  • Start typing  

  • Press enter to send your message

  • We will get back to you as soon as possible

  • If you are no longer online, the message will be waiting on the chat history and if you provided your email address a copy will be sent there as well.

  • You will have the option to reply directly using the existing chat or by email.

If you cannot see the chat, you may be experiencing an issue with your browser.

We have had report of  problem with the Chat icon not appearing on the Get Help Section. As a result they have not been able to get in touch with Support or receive response from Support on open conversations.

After further investigation, it appears they are issues with Firefox's Private Browsing mode and some type of browser extensions such as Ghostery, uBlock  or Adblocker Plus preventing our Chat from loading.

Our Chat is powered by Intercom and if you think this could be the case for you, we have the following work around:

  • To whitelist Intercom so it could show.

  • Turn the extensions off.

  • Running an incognito session if using Chrome.

  • Try a different browser.


Is there a telephone number I can call?
No we only do Chat support.

What is Moonfruit office hours?
Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5pm BST.

What is the average response time?
During office hours it's less than 20 mins.

Out of office hours it's a few hours due to the limited coverage. Note that if you've provided an email address we will send you the response by email so you don't have to wait for a response on the Chat.

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