You can use Google Drive to display a PDF document on your site in a few steps.

  • Go to and sign in to your Google account.

  • Click 'New' and then 'Upload file'. Upload the PDF doc from your computer to Google Drive.

  • Click the file to preview it. Then select 'More options' (top right-hand corner) > 'Open in new window'.

  • The document should open in a new tab. We now need to make sure the document is not private so it can be displayed on your site. Click 'More actions'   and then the Share icon.

  • Click 'Advanced'.

  •   Change the access settings to 'On - Anyone with the link can access'.

  • Click save and done.

  • Click 'More actions' again and choose 'Embed item'.

  • Copy the HTML code provided and then go to your site editor.

  • Add a HTML snippet to your page and paste the embed code.

  • Click 'View my site' to preview how the PDF displays.

  • If you want to adjust the size of the PDF file on your site, you can edit the value of the height and width in the HTML code you got from Google Drive.

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