• First, if you have a domain make sure you have a preferred site address selected. In the site editor, go to the 'Admin' tab > 'Site Address' in the left sidebar and choose a preferred site URL from the dropdown box.



  • Sign into your Google account (or create one here) and go to the Webmaster tools homepage.

  • Click 'Add A Property' > 'Add your site URL' (the preferred site address).

Note: The preferred site address does not need to begin with 'https' as the field suggests and can begin with 'http' instead.



  • Select the ‘Alternative methods’ tab and choose ‘HTML tag’, then click 'Verify'.

  • Copy the full strip of code and log into your site editor in a separate window.

  • Go to the 'Services' tab and click the 'Setup' button under the Webmaster Tools section.

  • Paste the code and click 'Save'



  • You should see a green tick in the box. Finally, go back to the Webmaster tools page in Google and click 'Verify' to complete the setup.

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