Adding a shape

  • Go to 'Insert' in the top toolbar.

  • From the left side bar choose a shape under the 'Shapes' section. The shape will then be added to your page.


Resizing a shape

  • Click to select the shape.

  • Click, hold and drag the dots on the side and corners of the shape. You can drag out to enlarge, or drag in to make smaller.

  • Alternatively with the shape selected, from the floating Editor window you can change the width and height to a specific measurement (in pixels).


Editing a shape

From the floating Editor box, you can edit various aspects of your shape.

  • Info tab - Rotate, resize, change position.

  • Style tab - Change colour and borders. Enable image fill (details below).

  • Effects tab - Add a drop shadow, glow or blur to your shape.

  • Link tab - Add a link to your shape.


Image fill tool

  • With the shape selected, from the floating Editor box click the 'Style' tab.

  • From the first dropdown menu, choose 'Image Fill'.

  • Click 'Edit' then 'Browse' to choose your image or upload a new one. With the image selected in the file manager, click 'Use this'.

  • Use the Scale, Angle and X/Y coordinates to edit the image fill, edit the image Alt tag text.  You can also click, hold and drag the arrow on the image to resize and position.


Adding a shape link

Check out our links guide for steps on adding links to a shape.


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