With the menu selected, the floating Editor box will have a variety of options for changing the menu style:


  • Setup tab - Choose a vertical or horizontal menu. Choose the gap between each menu button, plus the padding (size) and width of each button. Enable 'Fit to text' to resize the buttons depending on the length of the page name.

  • Font tab - Choose the font style, size, alignment and enable bold/italic/underline.

  • Style tab - Add a border or rounded corners to your menu buttons. Choose text and button colour preferences for the menu in the following modes:


  1. Normal - The button style when the site loads.

  2. Rollover - The style when a button is hovered over with a mouse.

  3. Selected - Highlight colour of the page you are currently on.


Editing the sub menu style

  • With the menu selected, double click on a page that has sub pages. The subpages should appear.

  • Click on the sub page dropdown to highlight it in yellow, then edit in the same way as above!


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