How to add a new page

1. In the site editor, click the 'Pages' tab.

2. From the left sidebar, choose 'Add a new page'.

3. Choose a page type to create. There are a variety of page layouts including gallery, shop, blog, contact page and about pages. 

Pro tip: You can click on each option for more details about that specific pagetype.

4. Click 'Next', then name your page. This is what will appear in the page URL, and also in the site menu.

5. Choose to show/hide the page in the site menu. The page will still be live if hidden in the menu, but won't be displayed through the menu itself. Click 'Next'.

6. Decide where the page should appear in the site menu. Either at the end of your page list, or next to a specific page.

7. Click 'Finish' and your page has been created! Click 'Apply' to go to the new page and begin editing.

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Changing page settings

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