Go to the Tables Generator website to get started designing your table.

  • Begin editing your table. You can change colours and fonts of certain rows or columns, by clicking the numbers and letters next to the column/row you want to edit.

  • You can use pre-set themes (click the 'Theme' button) or just create your own table from scratch. You can customise almost anything- borders, fonts and styles.

  • To add text, double click in any cell.

  • Add a new row by clicking the 'Row' tab > 'Insert below/above'.

  • When the table is ready, click 'Generate' to produce the code.

  • Copy all the table code by clicking 'Copy to clipboard'.

  • Navigate back to your site editor and insert an HTML snippet via the 'Insert' tab > 'HTML Snippet'. From the floating Editor, click on the 'Setup' tab and paste your code into the box provided. Click 'Apply'.

  • Save your changes and view the live site to preview the table. The table HTML code does not have sizes defined, so some of the table may be cut off. If this is the case, go back to the editor and resize the widget by clicking and dragging the corners.

Adding an Excel table

Want to embed a table you've created in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint or OneNote notebook?

  • Log into your Microsoft Live account at: https://onedrive.live.com/

  • Upload or create a Word, Excel, PowerPoint presentation or OneNote notebook and then save it.

  • Click on ‘Share’ and then select ‘Embed'.

  • If you don’t wish for your file to be downloadable untick the ‘Include a download link’ tick box.

  • Set your desired dimensions.

  • Copy the generated ‘Embed code’.

  • Now paste this into an HTML Snippet Widget on your site.

  • Save your changes and view your site.

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