You can access the blog settings dashboard via the 'Blog' tab > 'Settings' under the main toolbar. You can use this area to manage the following:


  • Maximum posts and comments - Set the maximum amount of blog posts and comments per page. The maximum is 10 for both options.

  • Blog author - Add the Author name and click 'Update'. Currently only one author can be set for all posts.

  • Comment moderation - Turn on to approve each reply before it's published. This applies globally to all of your posts, not individual posts or articles. To review your replies go to the 'Comment List' tab and approve or delete the comment. Once a comment has been approved it will appear against the post under the 'Post List' tab.

  • Comments on/off - Choose to disable/enable comments across the entire blog (if you disable comments here, this overrides what you selected when originally creating the post).

  • Email notifications - Turn on to receive an email when someone comments on a post. The email will be sent to the account email address.

  • Image alignment - Choose the alignment for all your blog post images.

  • Target upload folder - Choose a target folder for any images you upload straight through the post editor.

  • Tags - Add/remove post tags.


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