Click the 'Shop' tab > 'Product list' > Then select 'Share' next to the product you'd like to share.



  • A panel will appear with two tabs - one for Facebook and one for Twitter. The Facebook tab allows you to add a simple message about your product and displays the product image and description. Checking the 'Show 'Buy Now' link' box will display a Buy Now button on your Facebook page.

  • You will need to sign into your Facebook account before you can post or share your product. Please note that Facebook will only allow you to share to your personal profile, not a page - this is a limitation laid down by them. If you don't want to use Facebook then deselect the option at the top by clicking the big green tick beside the Facebook icon.

  • Click on the Twitter tab and check the box beside the icon. You'll see a green tick appear within the tab. You can then type your tweet (up to 119 characters).

  • Before you can tweet your product comments you will need to sign into your Twitter account and click 'Authorize app'.

  • When you're ready, simply click the 'Share' button and your Facebook post and/or Tweet will be published!

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