Use this guide to change various aspects of your shop design to match the rest of your website!

NOTE: This is not where you add and amend your product listings. To upload images and edit product descriptions, take a look at the following guide.

Note that customising individual product pages is currently not possible. If you place an item on a product page outside of the shop widget for example, this item will display for all product pages - similar to the way that the Page Master works.

First up - navigate to your shop page. You can do this via the 'Pages' tab, or through your page menu. 

Crop/Keep aspect ratio

  1. Double click three times on an image, or until the 'Style' tab appears in the floating Editor.

  2. From here you can choose whether to crop your image to a specific shape, or alternatively display the full image.

  3. Once you save your changes, all the images within your product category will be amended to save you time.

Changing fonts

  1. Double click three times on a text box (for example Price or Product Title), until the Font tab displays in the floating Editor.

  2. Click the 'Font' tab, choose a font and click 'Ok' to amend your text. You can also change the size and colour of your text from this tab.

Resizing images and grid

  1. Select the product cell. Double click, then click once more on the product image or until a black outline appears around the individual product within the catalog. Click, hold and drag on a corner of the selected component to resize.

  2. With this still selected, double click twice more on the image until a 'Style' tab appears in the floating Editor. You can then resize the image itself in the same way.

  3. Once you click Save, all images in the catalog will be amended!

List and Grid view

  1. Click once to select the whole shop component.

  2. From the floating Editor navigate to the 'Shop' tab, where you can easily switch from grid to list view.

  3. You can also change the number of rows per page. Edit the row field, then tap return on your keyboard to review changes.

NOTE: The maximum products you can display per page is 25 in List view and 24 in Grid view.

Editing alternative views

You can edit your other shop pages in exactly the same way as the product catalog.

  • From the catalog page, click the dropdown below the main editing toolbar.

  • Here, you can amend the product detail page, shopping cart and even your sale confirmation page/text.

Adding a product
Adding a shop page

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