Creating an account

  • Go to

  • Click 'Login' in the top right hand corner, then 'Sign up'.

  • At this point you'll be asked to choose a username, password, and for a valid email address. 

  • The username can be anything between 3 and 32 characters (letters or numbers and -) and the password between 7-100 characters (all character types allowed). 

  • Choose carefully, make a note of both and then click 'Register' to launch your account.


Creating a site

  • Log in at

  • Click 'Add site'.

  • Choose from our range of site templates. Have a look around and ‘Click to build’ when you find something you like. If you can't find anything suitable for what you want to do, you can always choose a blank template and start entirely from scratch. 

  • Add a 'Site name' and 'Site address'. If you sign up for a paid package, you can add your domain (if you have one) once your site has been created.

  • Click 'Launch my site' to create your site. The site will be live on the internet straight away. You and your visitors can get to your site just by typing your site address e.g., directly into the address bar of any browser window.


What next?

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