Note that you should use this guide only if you are facing image/file pending to upload, slowness or if you have received an unexpected error message. 

If you are just not sure how to upload an image, read the instructions for image uploads instead. For Responsive users, please click here

Following are some oh-so common reasons and workarounds that will fix your Image Upload issues: 

1. Browser issue: 

  • Version is up-to-date. To ensure your site and Editor run smoothly, we recommend updating all of your browsers to the most recent versions. Click here to find out what browser you are using.

  • If those steps do not work, please uninstall and reinstall your browser. 

2. Browser Extensions:
You may have installed an extension to your browser without even knowing it and some extensions can interfere with programs like ours. Therefore, it cannot hurt to open up the settings for your browser extensions and turn any / all off them to see if this allows you to upload images without trouble.

3. Use the recommended file size:
We advise the following size guidelines for images used on your website:

  • Under 200KB - This size will work quite successfully on your pages and will provide quite reasonable resolution without causing your pages to load slowly due to excessive image size.

  • Less than 10mpx (mega-pixels) - Higher than this can cause upload errors.

  • Dimensions: Maximum size of 700x700px - Larger images can cause the page to load slowly and result in display issues.

  • Save in the right format: Your site supports jpeg, gif or png formats

4. Clear Cache:
Clearing browser cache is often a great fix for annoying little problems that come up. You need to clear the cache, close the browser, re-open the browser and then log back in to your account. If you are not sure how to clear your cache, refer here.

5. Try a Different Browser:
Our service usually works perfectly with most flavours of Firefox, Safari for Mac (v10 and above), Chrome, Windows 10 Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer (v11). If clearing the cache does not help, switching to any other browser may be the way to go.

6. Network Slowness:
Please check the speed of your internet by starting the test here.

7. Images are blocked:
Security programs will sometimes block the image upload pop-up modal. If you cannot see the File Manager, cannot get an upload to work, and the options listed above are not an issue, this is likely the problem. To verify the issue, capture the console error logs by following the instructions in this link and contact the support admin with your error logs, internet security or firewall details.

If the above options does not work – Upload a screen cast walk through, so we can see which steps you take before the problem occurs. 

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