Link buttons can be used to point your visitors to a URL, a page on your site, an email or a specific section of your page.

To add a link button

  1. Select a Column.
  2. Click to add content.
  3. Select Button.
  4. Double-click the button to edit its text.
  5. Go to the right sidebar, select the Link Type dropdown.
  6. Select a link type.

Tip: You can select the following link types:

  • Email
  • File
  • URL
  • Page
  • Top of this page
  • Bottom of this page
  • Section

Note: File link types are file download links which can be used with buttons, images and icons. The following files are supported in responsive pages:

  • IMAGE_JPEG = "image/jpeg"
  • IMAGE_JPG = "image/jpg"
  • IMAGE_GIF = "image/gif"
  • IMAGE_PNG = "image/png"
  • FILE_PDF = "application/pdf"
  • FILE_ZIP = "application/zip"
  • FILE_DOC = "application/msword"
  • FILE_TXT = "text/plain"
  • AUDIO_MP3 = "audio/mp3"
  • VIDEO_FLV = "video/x-flv"
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