Buttons, icons and images can be used as a file download link to various file types. Use this link type to allow visitors to access your downloadable content.

Adding a file download to a button, icon or image

  1. Select a button, icon or image.
  2. Go to the right sidebar, select the Link Type dropdown.
  3. Select File.
  4. Select Insert new file.
  5. In the file manager, select upload new file.
  6. Select your file (see below for supported file types).

Supported file types

  • IMAGE_JPEG = "image/jpeg"
  • IMAGE_JPG = "image/jpg"
  • IMAGE_GIF = "image/gif"
  • IMAGE_PNG = "image/png"
  • FILE_PDF = "application/pdf"
  • FILE_ZIP = "application/zip"
  • FILE_DOC = "application/msword"
  • FILE_TXT = "text/plain"
  • AUDIO_MP3 = "audio/mp3"
  • VIDEO_FLV = "video/x-flv"
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