Use these guides if you have set up your mailbox with us, but would prefer to access, send and receive your emails through Iphone an Ipad all models.

Before you begin

Make sure you can access mail directly through Webmail  using your mailbox name/username and the password set for the mailbox. 

Adding your mailbox

Click on the link below to read the guide.

Iphone and Ipad (all models)
Resetting your emails after the migration
You might need to change the settings, please check your current settings and change the Outgoing SMT and Incoming server accordingly as per below

  • If your incoming mail server is currently or, you do not need to make any changes and your emails will continue to be received through WebMail.
  • If your incoming mail server is then you will need to change the incoming mail server to (if you have a POP account set up) or (if you have an IMAP account set up).
  • You will also need to check your outgoing mail servers. If your outgoing mail server is currently then you do not need to change this.
  • If your outgoing mail server is then this will need to be updated to

General Troubleshooting

  • Reset your mailbox password (via your Domains management page). The password must be complex (avoid dictionary words), contain at least 8 characters (including at least 3 numbers and at least 2 special characters), or more than 16 characters. Please don’t use a space character or question mark in the mailbox password.
  • Check if you have the same error when disabling your firewall and antivirus
  • Check that you have chosen POP (not IMAP) for incoming mail
  • Check that you have not activated SSL/authentication
  • Check that your domain name is valid, registered with us, and not expired
  • Check that you are using your full mailbox name as username, and not an alias or a forwarded e-mail address.

If you’re still experiencing problems do get in touch. You log a support ticket through your control panel, call 0345 653 9661 or Chat to us.

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