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Moonfruit offers free domain vouchers bundled with Annual subscription (Standard, Plus and Max).

Moonfruit users who have purchased a qualifying subscription will be issued with a domain voucher for redemption against the cost of a domain registration of the following extensions .uk,, .eu, .com, .net & .org for 1 year.

The voucher cannot be redeemed against the cost of a domain renewal, transfer in, transfer out or restoration. 

The domain vouchers will be issued on the date of first payment for the new user or renewal of annual subscription of existing users.
No part of a Moonfruit domain voucher may be refunded as cash or used as credit for any service other service.

Any voucher that remains unused at the end of a valid SiteMaker subscription period will be declared null and void, and in any event will expire on the first anniversary of issue.

We reserve the right to claim back the cost of any and all domain vouchers used when a client requests a full refund on their subscription.

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