Publishing your pages

When you are on a trial, your site pages are all unpublished. In order to publish your pages, you'll need to choose a plan to upgrade to.

When you are ready to publish a page, you can click the blue 'Publish' button in the top right-hand corner of the editor. This page will then be publicly visible.

Each page on your site needs to be published individually, so you can navigate to the pages you want to publish via the page manager and do the same for each.

If you later wish to unpublish a page:

  1. Click Pages on the Left Sidebar.

  2. Click on the hamburger menu for the page you want to unpublish (this appears on hover on the right-hand side)

  3. Click Unpublish page

Saving changes to draft

When you make a change in the editor, a 'save' button appears. If you save a change but don't publish the page immediately afterward, the changes will remain saved as a draft within your editor but will not be live to your site visitors. This allows you to tweak a page’s design without having those changes appear on your live site until they have been perfected.

Checking your page status

You can check the status of each of your pages in the page manager. We have 3 different indicators:

  • Home Symbol: this is your home page. 

  • Eye icon: Page will be hidden from your menu/navigation bar.

  • Yellow icon: Page has saved changes which aren't published.

  • Red icon: Page is unpublished (not visible to public).

Tip:  Latest versions of your published pages get stored in your site editor. You can restore different elements of your pages at a later time.

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