Coupon Redemption:

  • When a coupon is redeemed, the recipient will receive 50% off their first subscription payment only. The standard price listed for your plan will apply for your next renewal. Coupons can only be redeemed by new customers.

  • The user who owns the code used will earn a credit equaling the recipient's discount value. This will be added to an account balance visible on the billing page of their account.

  • You cannot redeem your own coupon.

  • Share coupons can only be redeemed against orders in GBP.

  • Share coupons can only be used for website subscriptions and cannot be redeemed against the purchase of a Reseller package.

Use of Credits:

  • Credits can only be used for subscription payments (this includes website and Powerlisting subscriptions and excludes any domain payments).

  • Available credit will be automatically applied to auto-renewal payments or on the order summary page of manual payments.

  • Credit cannot be refunded. Any unused credit will remain as a balance within an account until it is used or your account is purged.

  • We reserve the right to remove credit earned from a coupon use if the user of the coupon code has their payment refunded.

  • We reserve the right to cease this promotion at any time.

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