From this release, we made the following changes.

  • Improve the way content displays in mobile view (when the width of that content has been set below 100% in desktop mode).

  • Fixed bug CUB-76, so a responsive page can now be set as the homepage and it will display correctly in live mode.

UX improvements:

  • Removed the old editor sidebar from displaying to maximise editing space.

  • Added a page drop-down menu to allow users to easily switch from a responsive page to other pages in the editor.

  • Single click to select and drag button elements.

  • Removed the add ('+') button that displayed at the bottom of the page when in preview mode so the preview mode represents the live site more accurately.

  • Column containers resize in line with the column that has the maximum height.

  • Change the word 'Padding' to 'Spacing' in the Style section of the right-hand panel.


What's next?

  • Working on implementing apps, so that our existing apps can be added onto a responsive page.

  • Adding an icon library

  • More UX improvements.

How do I opt in?

If you don't have the option to add a responsive page yet, you can opt in here. Take a look at our responsive page guides in our dedicated help section!

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