Slideshows, galleries and filmstrips are the best way to show off an image or series of images in responsive pages. Keep reading to discover your options when displaying images.

Preparing your image gallery for a slideshow

  1. Select a Column
  2. Click on Elements 
  3. Select Gallery
  4. Drag the Gallery over to the Column
  5. Double click the Gallery
  6. Select the image by clicking on the '+' icon (or select multiple images) 
  7. Close the file manager 

Setting up a slideshow

  1. Select your newly created gallery.
  2. Go to the right sidebar, select the Type dropdown.
  3. Select Slideshow.
  4. You can edit the following filmstrip attributes: Slides, Dots, Autoplay, Speed (Duration), Arrows and Background Colour.

Previewing your filmstrip

  1. Select the Preview tab at the top of the page.
  2. In the desktop view, press the slideshow arrow to start autoplay.

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