You can add social icon buttons in a horizontal line or grid within your header, body or footer sections of your page. There are 15 social icons to choose from including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Email. You won't need to download your own social icons in order to use these.

Adding a social icon

  1. Select an empty column.

  2. On the Left Sidebar please choose the option Elements.

  3. Select the Social option.

  4. Choose the Social Icon option and drag it into your chosen column.

  5. Double click on the Icon presented and you will see additional icons as per above. 

You've now selected and added social icons to your page. Let's begin editing them!

Linking a social icon

  1. With the social icons selected, go to Links in the right-sidebar.

  2. Under Links enter the relevant social links. When the social icon is clicked this will be the link visitors see.

Editing a social icon

  1. After you've linked your social icon you can continue to edit your social icon's look.

  2. Still in the right-sidebar, select from Outline Colour, Fill Colour, Icon Size, Icon Spacing and Alignment to edit these properties.

  3. Finally, you can select animations for a social icon. Animations are played when a visitor hovers or scrolls past your social icon. Choose from the Animation Typeand Animation dropdown in the right-sidebar.

Tip: As you increase the size and spacing of your icons your icons will responsively change layout into a grid format!

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