have  now updated your email services so that all new mail is pointing at the platform.

In order to access your emails, you must start using the new WebMail interface here.

What will I need to do?

Log in to WebMail using your current Gandi username and password. Even if you use a local email client to collect email, it is important that you log into WebMail first so that we can synchronise your Mailbox.

You will be able to automatically import all of your existing emails into your new WebMail with the click of a button once you are logged in. 

Click here for the support article to walk you through.

Forgotten your password?

You can reset your Gandi mailbox password in your new control panel. This guide will walk you through updating your password. 

Checking your email settings

If you use a local email client such as Microsoft Outlook or Mac Mail, or get your email on a mobile or tablet we would recommend that you check the incoming and outgoing server host name you're currently using, as you may not need to make any changes at all. 

Before making any changes, you MUST first log into WebMail and import your emails.
Then you might need to change the Outgoing server SMTP and Incoming POP or IMAP.

  • If your incoming mail server is currently or, you do not need to make any changes and your emails will continue to be received through WebMail.

  • If your incoming mail server is then you will need to change the incoming mail server to (if you have a POP account set up) or (if you have an IMAP account set up).

  • You will also need to check your outgoing mail servers. If your outgoing mail server is currently then you do not need to change this.

  • If your outgoing mail server is then this will need to be updated to

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Names Domain Admin Team. You can get in touch by raising a support ticket direct from your Control Panel or simply call Moonfruit Domains Admin Team on 0345 653 9661. 

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