Use our RSS app to pull a feed or stream of articles from your blog or another website into your Moonfruit site. This app will automatically update whenever new content gets posted on the source site.

To add the RSS app:

  1.  On the Left Sidebar, select the option Elements

  2. Scroll down to the tools section.

  3.  Select the RSS Feed app and drag this to a Column on your site. 

The app will be added to your page with an example RSS URL in the app. Replace the default URL with the RSS feed URL you would like to display on your site.

How do I find an RSS feed URL?

  • Right-click on the website/blog page.

  • Click 'View page source'.  

  • Press'Ctrl' & 'F' on your keyboard to bring up the search function.

  • Search 'rss'.  

You should see something like the following:

<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="Uk Blog" href="" />

You would need to copy the URL between the " " and paste it into the URL entry box for our app.

You have a range of styling options - choose a grid, list or magazine type layout

Tip: Whatever text or link colour is set under the 'site' tab in the sidebar will be used for the text colour of this app.

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