Before applying your site's colour theme to a specific section within your responsive pages you will want to ensure that you've correctly set up your colour theme settings by following our instructional guide here.

If you have already styled elements individually, and you would like to change the style to a theme you have set under the 'Site tab', you can use the 'apply theme' button to clear the existing style so the site theme is used instead. 

Tip: This is especially useful if you are using our pre-made section blocks. Just add the blocks you like, choose your own colour theme and then apply the theme to those sections.

To apply your colour theme to a section:

  1. Select a section.

  2. In the Right Sidebar, select Settings select apply theme.

Note: If you don't already have a colour theme chosen in the 'site' tab, the elements in that section will be changed to the editors default colours.

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