If your domain name is hosted by Moonfruit and you want to transfer it out to another provider read the guides below for step by steps instructions.
Please note that the process to transfer a domain name away from Namesco is dependent on the domain name suffix 

Click here for the transfer out article with screenshot.


Q. Is the transfer out Free? No, you will have to pay a £10 +VAT administration fee in order for Namesco to process the request.

Q. How long does it take to transfer a domain out?
As soon as you have input the required information and have processed the administration payment, we will forward the request on to your new provider. The time this takes varies depending on the domain extension, a co.uk can be transferred in 48 hours whereas a .com can take (n) working days.

Q. What will happen to my emails?
They will be deleted during the transfer out. We suggest backing them locally before initiating the transfer. They cannot be recovered after the transfer out has been initiated.

Q. I have several domains with you and just want to transfer one of them out can you do that?
Yes we can do that.

If you need further assistance please log a support ticket through your control panel, call 0345 653 9661 or chat to us.

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