1. Create your Analytics account

  • You’ll need a Google account to be able to use Google Analytics. Sign in here (or signup if you haven’t got a Google account already). 

  • In the Analytics dashboard, go to the Admin tab and select the option to add a new account. 

  • Make sure the website tracking option is selected and then choose your GA account name.  

  • Enter your website name and address (this is the property of your account). If you are using a custom domain name with your site, you can enter that instead of the .moonfruit.com address. 

2. Get your tracking ID

  • When the signup form is completed, click ‘Get tracking ID’. 

Tip: The tracking ID needed is just the UA-XXXXXXX-X part, you do not need to paste the full code.

3. Add your tracking ID to your site

  • Copy your tracking ID and then log into the editor of your site. 

  • On the Left Sidebar, click the Settings and then Site Integration. 

  • Click the 'Connect' option for Google Analytics, paste the tracking ID and click save. 

That's it! The reporting tab in GA is where you can check your website data. If you don’t see anything in Analytics straight away, don’t panic. It can take 24-48 hours for data from your site to start feeding through. In the meantime, you can check the Real-Time report for live information about visitor activity on your site.

For more guidance on using Google Analytics, take a look at our Top 5 tips to master Google Analytics.

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