Did you know Moonfruit is part of Yell.com? As such, Moonfruit has set up a service to allow its customers to list their business with Yell.com for FREE.

Why get listed?

  • With millions of searches every month on Yell.com, local customers will find your business quickly and easily

  • Your business directory listing will also be found in local searches on Google enabling you to reach even more customers

  • Your Yell.com profile is a great accompaniment to your Moonfruit site - with photos, reviews, offers and more

How do I create a listing?

Simply take a few moments to fill out your details using our order form here and we'll send it to Yell.com to set up your free listing.

After we have submitted your order, the Yell.com team will be in touch to confirm the setup of your listing and provide login details for your account.

Why might my order be rejected?

Listings are rejected for many reasons - mainly to prevent duplicates, data inconsistencies in the system, or unverified claims for businesses. 

You'll know your order has been rejected if the Yell.com team have not been in touch to confirm your listing within two weeks. In this instance, we recommend you take the following steps:

  • Search for your business on Yell.com 

  • If your business listing exists already, click the 'Is this your business?' button on the right hand side of the listing details and follow the online instructions.

  • If the listing does not exist already on yell.com, contact the Yell listings team on 0800 777 445 for further assistance.

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