From time to time, you might receive phishing emails appearing to come from us. These emails are falsified in an attempt to obtain sensitive information such as your usernames, password and credit card details often for malicious reasons.

These emails usually redirect you to false websites looking like the real website.

How to identify phishing emails

  1. Look at the email address: We only send emails from addresses ending in or Phishers are likely to use an email address that looks as similar as possible in order to seem legitimate, but it will not be from our exact domain name.

  2. Check for grammatical mistakes: These sorts of emails often contain some grammatical or typing errors which make them more identifiable.

  3. Check the website address: Again, the fake websites that phishers set up may have a reference to Moonfruit in the URL but it will not be from our official domain name. 

What to do if you think you have received a phishing email 

Please ignore any emails you believe to be phishing and do not provide any personal details like your password or card details. 

If you accidentally provide these details, we advise you to change your Moonfruit account password immediately, as well as any other sites you use the same password for. Contact your bank if you provided payment details.

If you are unsure about any form of communication from us, just contact us and we will verify the emails.

You can get in touch using the chat below or our contact form. Please ensure you send us a copy of the email received and screenshot whenever possible. 

We take these phishing attempts at our users very seriously but unfortunately cannot prevent them.

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