The site address defines what your site visitors see on the address bar when accessing your website. The settings section of the Responsive editor toolbar gives you total control to set it up.

You can  also check the status of the connected domains, change your preferred site address anytime, add a new site address (domain) from your Moonfruitdomains list, connect an external domain or if you need a new domain buy it.

It's also useful if you do not want the primary url ( to be public when you publish your site.

Your site address

This section displays your primary site address, your connected domains and their status. You can also remove a domain from the list to disconnect it from your site.  

  1. Under status on the right hand corner.

  2. Click on the cross to delete and disconnect.

Note: You cannot delete the primary (default) site address which is the one with

Preferred site address

Setting up a preferred site address automatically redirects all visitors to your chosen address no matter what url or domain they type online. This is also known as 301 redirect and is recommended for SEO.

  1. On Left Sidebar, select Settings and then Site Address.

  2. Click on the arrow below Preferred site address to populate the list of available site addresses or domains to select.

Add one of your Moonfruit domains
If you bought domains from us, you can choose which domain (s) should be connected to the website you are editing. You can assign multiple domains to one site, use the scroll down to select the domain.

  1. On Left Sidebar, select Settings and then Site Address.

  2.  Add one of your Moonfruit domains

  3. Click on the arrow to display the list of active Moonfruit domains.

  4. Click connect domain.

  5. The newly added domain will be added below the site addresses section and display the status.

Add your own domain name
If your domain is not hosted by us, you can still connect that to your website through this section.

  1. On Left Sidebar, select Settings and then Site Address.

  2. Add your own domain name

  3. Click connect domain.

  4. The domain will be added under the Your site address section with the status. 

Note: Set-up instructions with a warning will notify you if the domain DNS are incorrect. Login through your domain host portal to make the changes.

Need a new domain for your site
We've got you covered you can buy a new domain, click on buy domain and follow the onscreen instructions. 

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