We’ve teamed up names.co.uk so you can get the best from both of us and gain access to a wide range of new products and services designed to help you succeed.

Buying, renewing, transferring in, transferring out, editing your domain names servers, creating emails, purchasing additional storage, setting up Office 365 and more has never been easier. 

Help and support for your Moonfruit.domains will be provided by Names.co.uk and, continue to get Support for your website through us at Moonfruit.com


Q. Who do I speak to about Domains Support?

  • You can raise a secure online support ticket for Domains/Email or Office365 by logging into your Moonfruit dashboard and navigating to your Moonfruit.domains - Online Control Panel. In here you will find a record of all your support tickets. 

  • You can also call the names.co.uk support team on 0345 653 9661. 

  • Or via the Chat.

Q. Why is Moonfruit changing domain and email providers?
Moonfruit is passionate about supporting customers to create great websites and to ensure that we remain focused on our core goal, we have teamed up with a specialist domain name provider who will ensure that customers continually get access to new services.

Q. Who are names.co.uk?
names.co.uk are based in Worcester and are part of Dada, an international group of companies who provide professional online services for businesses and individuals. The Dada Group operates in the UK, Ireland, USA, Italy, Spain, France, Portugal and the Netherlands. names.co.uk and Moonfruit have worked together for many years and the new domain service for Moonfruit customers was a natural extension to an existing strong working relationship.

Q. Who will be managing my domains and email?
In the past, Moonfruit provided Domains and a basic email package via Gandi. This is changing so that Domain Name services, Email and Office365 services are provided by names.co.uk. Going forward, if you have any questions about domain names, email or Office365 you should get in touch with names.co.uk to resolve any queries.

Q. Will I need to make any changes to my Moonfruit settings?
No. Your website remains hosted with Moonfruit exactly as it is today. Your domains will be managed by names.co.uk and the existing Domain Name Servers will be migrated automatically to names.co.uk with no service disruption.

Q. Can I buy my domain before purchasing a paid plan?
No. Choose the website builder package that is right for you and then when you are ready you can select the perfect domain name from lots of new extensions as well as the classics like .com and .co.uk. Publishing your website on your new domain is as simple as it was before.
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Q. What can I use the domain voucher for and which domain extensions?
Only for registration of the following extensions .uk, .co.uk, .eu, .com, .net & .org for 1 year.
The voucher cannot be redeemed or deducted from registration of more than 1 year period*.

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