You can use a pre-existing colour theme within responsive pages to apply a colour palette change across your whole site, either initially as a starting point or later on when you want your site's colour theme to look consistent.

To choose a pre-existing colour theme

  1. Go to the Right Sidebar.

  2. Select the Site tab.

  3. Select the Site Colour Theme colour swatch.

  4. Select a colour theme.

Colour themes are made up of a 6-colour palette. The palette order is as follows:

Colour 1: Icon.
Colour 2: Button, Link, Link visited.
Colour 3: Button Hover, Link Hover.
Colour 4: Background.
Colour 5: Text

You can further customise your colour theme's individual palettes by selecting the appropriate colour swatches in the right sidebar, below the Site Colour Theme swatch area, ranging from Text Colour and Link Colour to Icon Colour, Divider and Button Colour.

Note: If a colour theme does not apply changes to individual objects it's because you've selected a colour for that object at the object level as opposed to the theme level. Just click the 'x' next to the object colour's colour swatch to remove the colour from the object so that the theme's colour can take its place.

Tip: You can override the colour of individual objects by selecting them on your page and applying a colour to the object independently. To do this quickly for a whole section on your site, use the apply theme button.

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