To add a Google app

  1. Select a Column.

  2. Select the Left Sidebar

  3. Scroll down to Tools

  4. Select Google Maps, Google Search or Google Calendar.

Google Maps

  1. Drag Google Maps to your chosen column.

  2. Click on Google Map options arrow on the right hand side of the page under Element > Google Maps.

  3. Enter the location.

  4. Edit the other setting and click save.

Google Search (You need to create your own ID)

  1. Verify your site with Google Webmaster tools.

  2. Create your own Search Engine ID, copy and paste in on the Search ID section on your website. To create your ID follow the steps listed below; a. Go to Google.b. Click Add under Edit search engines.c. Edit the fields as required (Sites to search, Language and Name of the Search engine).d. Click Create and if it worked, you will see "Congratulations! You've successfully created your Custom search engine."e. To retrieve your ID click on Control Panel of the Modify your search engine (third option). f. Select Basic on the toolbar  and scroll to Details where you have your Search engine ID.g. Click on the button and copy the code.h. Go back to your site on edit mode, drag the Google Search option from the Left Sidebar under Element > On the Right Sidebar under Element select Google Search Options > Paste the code ID. i. Edit the other settings and click Save.

Google Calendar

  1. Create your Google Calendar ID by going Google Calendar.

  2. Click the cog icon in the top left > Settings.

  3. Choose the ‘Calendars’ tab and click to select a calendar from the list.

  4. Click the ‘Share this Calendar’ tab and make sure the ‘Make this calendar public’ box is checked.

  5. Go back to the ‘Calendar Details’ tab and copy the Calendar ID from the ‘Calendar Address’ section.

  6. Click Save.

  7. Return to your site on edit mode > Select Element on the Left Sidebar > Drag the Google Calendar app to your required Column > On the Right Sidebar > Select Element and paste in the Google Calendar ID under the Google Calendar Options

Please note that you need to have a valid Google mail account. 

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