To add a contact form

  1. Select a Column.

  2. On left sidebar please choose the option Elements

  3. Scroll down to the Forms section. 

  4. Select the Form you wish to use (Moonfruit form or Wufoo form) and drag into your chosen Column

  5. To add more components to a contact form select the + icon.

  6. You can choose to add the following contact form features: Single Line Text Box, Checkbox, Radio Button, Upload File, Paragraph Text Box, Dropdown, Buttonand reCAPTCHA.

Editing the contact form inbox and message

  1. Select the contact form.

  2. Go to the right sidebar.

  3. You can choose to edit the following contact form elements: Inbox, Message, Validation, Download Data, Reset Data, Background Colour, Background, Font, Text Size, Text Colour, Width, Alignment and Spacing.

  4. In the Inbox field enter the email address you want completed contact forms to go to.

  5. In the Message field enter the message you want the contact form to show a visitor once they've completed it.

Tip: You can download all data from an existing contact form by using the Download Data button found in the right sidebar.


A visitor has completed a contact form and has included an attachment but I haven't received the attachment in my inbox - how do I get the attachment?

You can find the attachment in your 'my files' folder in the editor - in the top left of the editor select My files then sort by newest to retrieve the latest attachments submitted via your contact form.

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