Setting your text styles at the Site level can make it really easy to edit your site. Any new textboxes you add to your site will automatically be styled in the font you have chosen and if you decide later that you want to try a new font, you can update it in one place rather than having to change all textboxes manually!

To edit font options using global styling:

  1. Go to the Right Sidebar.

  2. Select the Site tab.

  3. Select the Text drop-down.

You will see three options:

  • Base: These options will apply to all text on your site (unless you have defined any of the text options elsewhere e.g. at the textbox or section level).

  • Titles: These options allow you to set the font styles for Title text separately.

  • Subtitles: These options allow you to set the font styles for Subtitle text separately.

Important: Any styles you set at the lower level will override any styling set at the higher level. 

So if you have set a font for a specific textbox already, changing the font within the Site tab will not apply to this textbox. You would need to remove the styles at the textbox level and then the font will be inherited from the Site level.

Tip: To remove/reset any styles, use the 'x' buttons that appear next to each of the font options.

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