You can browse your files, as well as Lobster images using the file manager. Sort your files using the folder system to keep your files organised.

To use the file manager

  1. Select a Column.

  2. On the left sidebar, Click on the ELEMENTS icon

  3. Drag either Image or Gallery over to the column

  4. You are now in the File Manager.

To add a new folder and upload a new file

  1. Go to the left sidebar, select New Folder.

  2. Complete the name field, then press Enter on your keyboard.

  3. Go to the right side of the File Manager, select Upload New File.

Tip: You can delete a folder by hovering over it in the left sidebar and selecting the delete icon. You can also sort the contents of a folder into a grid or list view.

Supported file types

  • IMAGE_JPEG = "image/jpeg"

  • IMAGE_JPG = "image/jpg"

  • IMAGE_GIF = "image/gif"

  • IMAGE_PNG = "image/png"

  • FILE_PDF = "application/pdf"

  • FILE_ZIP = "application/zip"

  • FILE_DOC = "application/msword"

  • FILE_TXT = "text/plain"

  • AUDIO_MP3 = "audio/mp3"

  • VIDEO_FLV = "video/x-flv"

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