With responsive pages you'll be able to animate various page items so that visitors can see your site and content in a more engaging manner. Page sections, text boxes and images are only a few page items that benefit from this feature, so experiment with the steps we're about to show you and find out what works best for you.

To animate a page item

  1. Select a page item or area.

  2. Go to the right sidebar, select the Animation.

  3. Click on Animation Type.

  4. Click the dropdown menu, then choose Hover or Scroll.

  5. After choosing an animation type, select the Animation dropdown.

  6. Select an animation.

There are 11 hover type animations and 29 scroll type animations to choose from.

Tip: You can apply animations to the following page items:

  • Text boxes

  • Buttons

  • Icons

  • Images

  • Rows

  • Columns

  • Sections

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