1. On the Left Sidebar, select the option called Sections.

  2. Scroll down to the Navigation Section.

  3. Select and drag the Navigation Bar onto your site.

We recommend adding the navbar to the header of your site so it automatically appears and updates on every page.
If you add an individual navbar within the body area of multiple pages, changes to the navbar will not automatically update on every page. Any change you want to make will need to be published separately on each page with a navbar.

Tip: You can edit the brand name displayed in the navigation bar by selecting the section then editing the Brand field under Element in the Right Sidebar. You can also edit the menu text by selecting them then editing the Text field in the Right Sidebar.

Remember: Unpublished pages will display in the navbar whilst in edit mode, but they won't appear on your live site. Publish your page to ensure it appears on your live site.

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