Why is the Moonfruit platform being decommissioned?

The Moonfruit platform has served its customers since 2000, however it was built using Adobe Flash which is no longer supported and as such does not provide a reliable experience with modern browsers. As the owner of Moonfruit, Yell has taken the decision to close the platform in line with its recent partnership announcement with Wix, one of the world’s leading web development platforms.

When will the platform be decommissioned?

The Moonfruit platform will be decommissioned at 23:59 on 7 December 2021. After this time all customer accounts and websites will no longer be accessible.

Who is Yell?

Yell is the UK’s No.1 provider of managed digital marketing services for all types of local businesses1, and it acquired Moonfruit in 2012 which continued to be run as a separate entity.

What options do I have with the platform being decommissioned?

Ahead of the platform closing you have several options to ensure your website is fully supported and future-proof moving forward:

· You can take advantage of Yell's digital expertise and fully managed service by purchasing a Yell Smart Website – powered by Wix. Find out more here

· If you have the time and expertise to re-build and manage your own website, Yell’s partner Wix offers a DIY solution available here

· You can also rebuild your website on any other website platform of your choice

What will happen to my account and website once the platform is decommissioned, will I still be able to get access to any content?

Past the date of closure all customer accounts and websites will no longer be accessible, and we will not be able to supply any content or copy invoices.

Why would I choose Yell to re-build my site for me?

In the last 20 years, Yell has created 380,000 websites2 for businesses like yours. The benefits of Yell’s Smart Website solutions include:

· Built by professionals with instant previews, your professionally designed, secure, expertly written website is optimised for search engines and all devices

· Yell uses Wix technology; continually developing new tools for you to succeed. Its Advanced and Ultimate Websites offer eCommerce, bookings, reservations, ticket and event management & more

· Yell’s digital experts are with you every step of the way – from your welcome call to support once live, they are never more than a phone call or message away

Why would I choose to re-build my site myself on the Wix platform?

Wix is one of the world’s leading web development platforms and its DIY solutions allows you to:

· Create your own website using a code-free template

· Get a free subdomain on wix.com

· Obtain a free Google recognised security certificate to give your website visitors peace of mind

My domain name is registered with Namesco which I bought via the Moonfruit platform, what will happen to that?

The Moonfruit platform is being decommissioned, but your domain name registration with Namesco will remain in place. You can continue to use this in the future by logging into the Namesco portal, wherever you decide to rebuild your website - you will just need to repoint your Namesco domain to your new website.

I am a paying Moonfruit customer, what will happen to my billing once the platform closes?

Your billing and contract will be cancelled from 23:59 on 7 December 2021. For those paying on a monthly basis, no further payments will be taken. For those paying on an annual basis we will issue pro-rata refunds within 30 working days of the platform closure.

What do I do if I had a domain with Namesco ?

If you have domains and email that you previously managed through moonfruit.domains, you can now access these services through names.co.uk. If you want to get started straight away, you can reset your password and log in here (https://login.names.co.uk/password-reset/create).


1. M-Brain 2019, No.1 in terms of revenue from sales of managed digital marketing services

2. Yell Internal stats, 2020

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