Further to our announcement on Tuesday around our new provider for Moonfruit websites, we’re pleased to confirm the automatic switch to Cloudflare is complete.

Some of our customers use the domain functionality to show their URL without the www . (this is called an ‘A’ or Apex record).

If you use an Apex or ‘A’ record, please log into your Moonfruit account to find out how you can update this record to Cloudflare.

If your domain provider is Namesco - they will automatically do this switch for you.

As part of the security and storage upgrade, we are reviewing our prices. We will be in contact with you regarding this before any changes are made.

Finally – so we can properly update you with important information about your account, we need your correct email address – could you please confirm your email address and Moonfruit account number to: contactus@moonfruit.com

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