Beta release

In this release, we offered users the chance to opt-in as a beta tester and play around with responsive page feature. The functionality and features available in this version are limited. We will be recording feedback from the beta testers which will be taken into consideration whilst we develop the feature further.


From this release, users are able to:

  • Opt-in as a beta tester

  • Add responsive pages to an existing site

  • Add text, images and link buttons to the pages

  • Preview responsive pages in desktop, tablet and mobile mode


What's next?

  • Fixing known bugs present in the beta version - (a list of the known, existing bugs can be viewed here).

  • Improving the way content adjusts on the mobile view.

  • Removing the blank space in the left-hand sidebar to extend the editing view for responsive pages.

  • Adding more layout blocks with pre-defined content.

  • Add option to enter SEO keywords on responsive pages.

How do I opt in?

If you don't have the option to add a responsive page yet, you can opt in here. Take a look at our responsive page guides in our dedicated help section!

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