Link buttons can be used to point your visitors to a URL, a page on your site, an email or a specific section of your page.

To add a link button to a page section

  • Assuming you have already added a Section (if not drag a section from the left sidebar).
  • Click Element on the left sidebar.
  • Select and drag the Button onto the canvas.
  • The button editing settings are pre-selected on the right sidebar where you can edit the link, the style, the text, outline, position and animation.
  • Preview and save the changes from the top toolbar.

  • Link: here you can edit the link type and link opening option. Make sure to include the http:// part of the URL, when linking to any URL.
  • Style: here you can edit the shape, button colour, button hover colour. 
  • Text: here you can edit the font, size, text colour and hover colour. 
  • Outline: here you can edit the border style of your button.
  • Position:  here you can edit the width,  alignment and spacing.
  • Animation: here you can edit the button animation type and style. 

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