Our responsive page feature is in beta. This means it is still being tested and developed. In the future, we may make changes to the software that could affect any pages you create during the beta stage, so please bear this in mind when using responsive pages.

  • In the editor, go to the 'Pages' tab in the main toolbar.

  • From the left sidebar, select 'Add a new page'.

  • Choose the 'Responsive page (beta)' page type from the list of options, and follow the remaining steps displayed to set up your responsive page.

  • The responsive page editor will load. For help in editing the page, take a look through our responsive page guides.

If your site is Responsive click here for instruction of how to add a new page and edit it. 

We strongly recommend using the Google Chrome browser when creating a responsive page, as this will provide the best experience.

You can keep up with new features that are released for responsive pages here

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