The members feature is available on the Standard package and above, however all users can restrict page visibility to admins only.

Through the People tab you can:

  • Create site members

  • Change page permissions and create password protected areas

  • Send emails to specific individuals or groups

Adding a member

  1. Click the 'People' tab in the toolbar.

  2. From the 'Members' tab, click 'Create new member'.

  3. Add the member details:

  • Username: Create a username for the member to use when logging in

  • Email: Use the members contact email address.

  • Password: Enter a secure password for the member

  • Choose whether the member opts in/out for emails sent by you through the site

  • Use the Site Admin checkbox to give the member admin rights.

  • Choose whether the user will receive an automatic welcome email. The email will include their username, a link to reset their password, and a link to log in. NOTE: The password you set through the editor will not be included in this email, so you will either need to provide this to them directly, or they can create a new one using the reset password link included in the email.


Editing your members

  1. Select the member in the list, under the 'Members' tab.

  2. From here you can:

  • Enable or disable admin rights

  • Send a reset password link

  • Edit the members email address

  • Delete the member using the trash can icon next to their username

  • Send an individual email using the envelope icon


Creating member groups

This feature can be used to send emails and enable view permissions to specific groups of members.

  1. Click on the 'Groups' tab

  2. Enter your group name in the 'Add a new group' field and click 'Add group'

  3. Select a member, then click the green arrow icon to add them to the group list

  4. Use the trash can icon to remove a member from a group at any time

  5. To delete a group, click the trash can icon next to the group name. NOTE: You will not be able to delete a group if it is being used in the 'Page Permission' area for a specific page. Make sure to remove this permission first before trying to delete it.

  6. Send a message to the group by clicking the envelop icon next to the group name.


Editing page permissions

Page Permissions allow you to control which members or groups of members can view  particular pages in your site. Any page can be set so that it is ‘viewable’ by one of the following:

  • Everyone (any visitor)

  • Site members (any site member)

  • A group of members (a group you have created)

  • Site Admins (any member with admin rights)

  1. Click on the 'Page Permissions' tab

  2. Select a page in the list, and choose who can view it using the dropdown menu on the right.

  3. If you choose 'Group', you will be asked to select one of your groups from a dropdown menu.

NOTE: When you change a page to be visible to a group/members/admins only, the page content will no longer be displayed to the public. Instead a 'login' button will appear on your site menu, so anyone with viewing rights can log in to view the page.


Sending messages to your members

Use this feature to send emails to specific members, groups, or all members of your website.

  1. Click the 'Send a message' tab

  2. Choose who to send the email to from the dropdown menu.

  3. Add a subject - this will become the email subject.

  4. Create your email (this will display in plain text - you cannot currently format your text or add images to your emails).

  5. Click 'send' to send your email to the member(s).


Downloading your members list

  1. From the 'Members' tab, click 'Download member list', underneath your list of members.

  2. You will then be prompted to save the list as a CSV file, which you can then open through software such as Excel.


Member/Admin login area

There are a number of ways your members and admin users can log into restricted pages:

  • Through the login button in your menu, if enabled.

  • By going to your site address followed by /login. For example: Once logged in using this link the user will be directed to the homepage.

  • Creating an object link (for example an image or text link) to the members page, and when clicked they will be prompted to log in.


This menu link is activated when any of your pages are set to be viewed by members or groups only. You can disable or edit this link using the steps below:

  1. Click the 'People' tab in the toolbar.

  2. From the 'Page Permissions' tab, navigate to the 'Login/Logout link' section, underneath the page permissions management area.

  3. Toggle 'show' or 'hide', to  choose whether to enable this link in your menu.

  4. Choose the text for your login/logout button, which will override the default.

  5. Changes are saved automatically.



Can I create a password protected page?

If you want anyone to be able to access the page if they have a specific password, just create one 'member' using the instructions above and give the login details to all your contacts.

If I migrate from V5, will my members migrate too?

Your members list and any groups set up will migrate, however any admin rights will be removed after you migrate. You can set up the admin rights again from the 'Members' tab.

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