This is especially useful for longer pages on your website.

  • Choose/add an anchor point (an image for example) on your page and note the X and Y coordinates of your object.
  • Next, add link text by going to 'Insert' in the top toolbar > 'Body text' from the left sidebar. Add your text, e.g. 'Go to next section'.
  • With the text highlighted, from the floating Editor box click the 'Link' tab.
  • Select the globe icon (Link to an external URL).
  • Delete or overwrite the "http://" and add the following script:  
  • javascript:window.scrollTo(x,y); 
  • Replace the x,y coordinates with the location position of the object in the first point above, e.g. (203,139).
  • Click 'Apply' and save your page. Click 'View my site' to test the anchor link.
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