Linking an object

You can add links to a variety of objects including:

  • Images
  • Shapes
  • Text
  • Link buttons

These objects can all be added via the 'Insert' tab. With an object selected, from the floating Editor box click the 'Link' tab.

Link types

There are seven link types to choose from via the 'Link' tab:

  • External link - Globe icon. Link to an external page outside of your website.
  • Page link - Three line icon. Link to a page already created in your site.
  • File link - Folder icon. Link to a file in your File Manager.
  • Email link - Envelope icon. Clicking the link will open the visitors default mail client, with the 'To' field filled in with the specified email address.
  • Login link - People icon. Links to the login page for your members and admins.
  • PayPal link - PayPal logo icon. Create a link to send a single payment via PayPal, direct to a PayPal cart add an item to a PayPal cart. This is separate to your shop page, and all links will direct straight to PayPal express checkout.
  • Shop category link - Cart icon. Link to a specific category in your shop.

Adding a link button

Go to 'Insert' in the main toolbar > 'Link button' in the left sidebar. A link button will appear on your page. You can then change the following:

  • Text - With the button selected, double click on the text and type over the current text. Tap Return on your keyboard to see the changes.
  • Font - With the button selected, go to the 'Link' tab in the floating Editor box to change the button font style, size and alignment.
  • Colour - With the button selected, go to the 'Style' tab in the floating editor. Choose text and button background colour, for both normal and rollover mode. NB: Rollover mode is the style when you hover over the button with your mouse.
  • Style - With the button selected, go to the 'Style' tab in the floating editor. Add a border to the image (change the border number to greater than 0), increase padding around the button text, and round the button corners (0 creates squared corners).
  • Link - Add a link to your button via the 'Link' tab in the floating editor.


How do I remove an existing link?

Select your linked button, then in the Editor, go to the 'Link' tab, then next to the 'Apply' button, select the bin icon to remove the link.

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