Use the file manager to upload new images to your site. By using the Editor, you can resize, rotate, crop and link your image.

Step 1. Adding an image

  1. Go to 'Insert' in the top toolbar.

  2. From the left side bar, click 'Image' under the 'Basic Objects' section.

  3. Choose an image from your file manager, or upload a new one. Then click 'Use this'.

Step 2. Resizing an image

  1. Click to select the image.

  2. Click, hold and drag the dots on the side and corners of the image. You can drag out to enlarge, or drag in to make smaller.

  3. Alternatively with the image selected, from the floating Editor window you can change the width and height to a specific measurement (in pixels).

Step 3. Editing an image

From the floating Editor box, you can edit various aspects of your image.

  1. Info tab - Rotate, resize, change position.

  2. Popup tab - Allow image to pop up into a lightbox when clicked on, and add a lightbox caption which will appear below the image.

  3. Style tab - Change the image transparency, and add an alt tag. If you choose to display the alt text, this appears when hovering over the image in live mode.

  4. Link tab - Add a link to your image.

Image Fill

You can create a cropped image by adding a shape with 'Image Fill' enabled, rather than using 'Insert' > 'Image' as shown in this guide. To learn about shapes click here.

Check out our links guide for steps on adding links to an image.

Managing your files
Adding/editing a shape

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