• Click 'Insert' in the main toolbar.
  • From the left sidebar click 'Menu', choose a menu style and click 'Use this'. The menu will be added to your page.
  • By default, the menu will display all pages and sub pages you have added via the 'Pages' tab (except those you've chosen to hide from the menu!).
  • To change this, with the menu selected from the floating Editor box click the 'Setup' tab > Padlock icon. Here you have four choices:


  1. All pages - Main pages and sub pages.
  2. Top level pages only - No sub pages.
  3. Sub pages only - When on a page, the menu will only display the sub pages of that specific page. If the page has no sub pages, the menu will be empty.
  4. Shop categories - Displays all shop categories you've added under the Shop tab.


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