A comments widget is great to use as a guestbook, for testimonials, or customer Q&As. This guide runs through how to add one using third party application, Disqus.



  • Go to the Disqus homepage. Click the link to 'Sign up', then create your account.
  • From your account dashboard, click the cog icon in the top right and choose 'Add Disqus To Site'.
  • Click 'Start Using Engage'.
  • Fill in your site profile including your website name and category, and choose a unique Disqus URL for managing your widget. Click 'Finish Registration'.
  • Disqus is supported by a wide range of software. You'll need to choose the 'Universal Code' from the platform options.
  • Copy the full code displayed.
  • To embed the code, from your site editor click the 'Insert' tab > 'HTML Snippet' from the left sidebar and from the floating Editor navigate to the 'Setup' tab. Paste your code and hit 'Apply'.
  • Navigate through to the 'Style' tab and make sure to turn on 'Automatic scrollbars'.
  • You can also enlarge the snippet widget by clicking and dragging the corners.
  • After saving, review your page by clicking 'View my site'!
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